Review: Win Win – Win Win

FEBRUARY 27, 2011

New York cool kids WIN WIN have been gaining a bit momentum ever since the release of their first single ‘ReleaseRPM‘ back in November last year, and now finally their self-titled psychedelic rave debut is out now through VICE Records. Members include producer XXXChange (a.k.a. Alex Epton) of Spank Rock fame, DJ Chris Devlin and audiovisual artist Ghostdad (a.k.a. Ryan Sciano) whose primary role is to produce some wacked-out videos to accompany the tunes. The record also wouldn’t be what it is without the guest vocal hooks of Lizzie Bougastos of fellow NY outfit Gang Gang Dance, Hot Chip‘s Alexis Taylor, and even Andrew W.K.

Their hyped single ‘ReleaseRPM‘ is the definite centre-point of the album. Starring Bougastos’ ethereal and spaced out vocals layered on top of some minimalist beats, it reminds me of something The Knife would have done few years back. Taylors’ vocals also feature on ‘Interleave With You‘ over dark synth chords and does a really great job at highlighting his voice. Other worthy mentions include the sample heavy ‘Cada Buen Dia‘, and Air-esque ‘Ghost Delerium‘ which slowly builds up layer by layer until the bass gets to an uncomfortable level and the beat finally drops.

Overall, it’s a fairly solid production from start to finish however it can feel a tiny bit dated at times (such as in ‘Distort Reality‘ and ‘Not too Late‘) which is hardly something to get caught up especially it still gets you into the party mood. Oh and for the full WIN WIN experience I’d also recommend checking out Ghostdad’s ever so random video clips!

Win Win – Interweave (feat. Alexis Taylor) (192)

Win Win Megateaser from Ghostdad on Vimeo.